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Micro Sharing/Social Messaging Research: Reaching out to vendors!

This is my site Written by Joachim Lindner on 7. Juni 2010 – 07:16

We are in the final round to define our factsheet regarding the micro sharing/social messaging research. Now we would like to open up the call to interested vendors to contact us. We will talk to all those vendors – listed on this page. But we might have missed someone – so feel free to contact us. We will also be around for the upcoming events in Milan and Boston – so if you are a vendor, please contact us to settle a meeting.

Research Methodology

Our research is based on the idea that any application concept is different if analyzed in detail along a functional model that is defined along the basic idea of information technology: something is to be put into the system, then being processed in order to be delivered as output! In terms of social messaging the input-processing-output-model incorporates the transformation process of a provided user update (that might go into the system by hand, by external source or by external application.

According to our functional model of this application market we have defined a detailed factsheet to be filled out by vendors (and afterwards being discussed and checked with us!). From this data we are going to define different clusters of the market – as every application has its unique origine, key idea/concept etc. From our pre-analysis of the market we are seeing six application clusters in the market.

To give you a first insight toward our functional model and the underlying ideas I have put together a short presentation and published it to slideshare:

Call-for-Participation to Vendors

If you are part of a solution provider for social messaging, feel free to get in contact with us (by mail to research -at- n-sight dot de or by contact form). We are also happy to meet up with you at the upcoming E20 conference in Milan and Boston.

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