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Factsheet: Social Messaging vendor study

This is my site Written by Joachim Lindner on 16. August 2010 – 09:28

The N:Sight Research GmbH Social Messaging vendor study is on track and enters the next phase of the project. We got a lot of input and started to analyze it.

The study will be delivered with the following elements:

  • Definition of Social Messaging
  • Summary of the study
  • Functional model
    The functional model was developed by N:Sight Research GmbH. The Social Messaging study is based on it. A derivation of the functional model explains the model
  • Concept study
    The concept study delivers a detailed description of all topics like a compendium. This knowledge allows user to learn how Social Messaging works and enables them to define a functional specification to select one of the tools.
  • Analytical summary
    We analyze all tools on the basis of the essential aspects. The result allows to assess Social Messaging tools from different views.
  • Vendor profiles
    The study will contain a complete profile of each vendor. In addition all data will be available in tables and diagrams to allow a better overview.

These Products will join the study:

  • blueKiwi
  • Blogtronic
  • Communote
  • Enterprise Social Messaging Experiment (ESME)
  • Flowr
  • Heart of Co.
  • IBM Lotus Connections
  • Jive
  • Just Connect
  • OpenMicroBlogger
  • Present.ly
  • SAP StreamWork
  • Socialtext Signals
  • SocialWok
  • Yammer
  • YoolinkPro
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