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This is my site Written by Joachim Lindner on 16. September 2010 – 10:52

Multi channel marketing was on of the major topics discussed at ECM Summit 2010. Content needs to be created in different ways and distributed in different formats. Text for a web page should be written more formal and using the same message for social media more informal was one example.

Generally it’s useful to work with on content management system (CMS) as a single source for all information to guarantee consistency. The idea was to have different versions of the same content to meet the requirements of the diverse channels. It should be possible to select the different media and then to publish it media by media or all at once.

There are some advantages to work like this:

  • Editor’s can copy the content which was created first and then adapt it for other channels.
  • They will find the content, even if they didn’t create it by themselves.
  • It’s much easier to compare all content for one topic to make sure that it’s consistent.

But can this done for social media as well and does it make sense?

I guess we can’t suggest doing it. That was the result of the discussion at the ECM Summit. There are some reasons why it won’t work:

  • Social media isn’t a one way channel where I can distribute news
  • The community can communicate as well. It would be very difficult to bring this content into an CMS and sort it to the right topic and react to it the right way
  • A lot of the content for social media is driven by the activities of the community
  • It’s very fast. Information appears and is probably gone minutes later
  • Monitoring is a very important task. New topics are appearing all the time. Categorize it for a CMS and store it would be very time consuming and not helpful. A fast reaction is need and can be done with other tools much better.
  • Social media is changing all the time. New Tools and communities needs to be tested first. It not useful to add an interface to a CMS, because it won’t be needed anymore, if the test wasn’t successful.
  • Probably you need to use private accounts of employees. You can’t allow other employees to post via a CMS into their account.
  • Private and business use is not separated anymore.
  • More employees will communicate via social media than just communication like before. Should they all work with a CMS. I don’t think so.

What was the conclusion?
A content management is very useful to maintain all “oneway” channels. It’s a good approach to collect the content for different channel at one place. It’s easier to make sure that the different channels communicate consistent and it’s easier using existing content and adapt it.

For social media it’s not possible to work like this. It’s better to use the applications like Twitter, Facebook etc. directly or other helpful tools.

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