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Functional model E20 Suite vendor study

This is my site Written by Joachim Lindner on 28. Oktober 2010 – 09:07

We created the first draft of the functional model starting the Enterprise 2.0 suite vendor study. The purpose of this functional model is to structure the study. The vendor questionnaire and the related analysis will be based on this model. We would like to share our thoughts at the beginning and discuss it.

At the base line we see all this admin functions starting with the general application management addressing backup, layout, interfaces and more of these basic functions. Other content like Images, videos and documents need to be added. In addition you need to have some admin functions regarding tags, like maintaining the list with the predefined tags. We clustered this under the headline content management.

User needs to be administrated and some rules and roles needs to be decided. Everything regarding these topics should be categorized by user management. Running successful Enterprise 2.0 means to know what happens. You can measure it by internal tools or using an existing tool. So statistic and controlling is another important element of the admin part.

All these administrative clusters are the baseline of an enterprise 2.0 suite and giving the framework for the other functions. We structured the Enterprise 2.0 functions by layers.

The first layer is addressing all network functions. Part of this cluster is the activity stream. We thought that micro blogging (Social Messaging) is the central function to connect the different aspects of the information which will be created or shared.

The social stack layer contains all functions around the content like tagging, bookmarking, rating  etc. The next layer is dealing with all these Enterprise applications like wiki, blog. On top we thought we should use the user interface layer which addresses all functions which are direct related with the user.

You will find a graphic of the model here:

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