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E20 suite vendor list update

This is my site Written by Joachim Lindner on 18. November 2010 – 09:44

I checked some additional vendors for our study based on the comments of the article Enterprise 20 suite vendors. Thanks for the valuable input. Please, read my thoughts about the suggested solutions.

It’s not an E20 suite for me. I am missing some functionality like wiki and blog

I thought at the beginning that it’s more a Social Messaging solution, but through the SharePoint integration it’s for sure an Enterprise 2.0 suite. I’ll invite them to join.

At the beginning I thought to add Yammer as well, because I read that they will extend their functionality, but I think that’s not enough to see it as E20 suite. It’s a good Social Messaging solution with extended features, but probably we can add them on the next run of our study.

Didn’t hear from Yakabod before. I’ll invite them to join.

Just Software
I used the product name Just Connect.

Didn’t hear from IntraWords before. I’ll invite them to join.

I didn’t think about adding it to the list, but I should.

Probably it’s in the middle of the way from a Social Messaging solution to an E20 Suite. So we probably should skip it.

I think it’s more a social networking platform instead of an E20 suite. Some more comments on it?

For my opinion it’s not too far away from a E20 suite, but the approach is probably different.

Open Atrium
I didn’t think about Open Atrium, but I’ll add it.

That’s the new vendor list for the study:

  • Atlassian
  • Clearvale
  • CubeTree
  • IBM Lotus connections
  • Igloo
  • INgage Networks
  • Jive
  • Just Software
  • Mzinga
  • Open Atrium
  • Opentext
  • Salesforce
  • SharePoint 2010
  • SharePoint 2010 + NewsGator
  • Socialcast
  • SocialText
  • Telligent
  • Yakabod
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