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This is my site Written by Joachim Lindner on 23. November 2010 – 14:26

Some weeks ago I bought an iPad to have a better tool doing my daily work. Reading articles, Twitter updates, pdf’s or eBooks are a daily task for, but perhaps the decision was not so rational and I bought more a new toy than a tool for work. But at the end my expectations were exceeded. It increased the quality of my work and it’s much better sitting relaxed on the breakfast table and doing the first reading of the day, than sitting in front of a PC.

For sure you need some apps before you really can work with the iPad, but some of them are free of charge or you have to pay only some Euro. So it’s not a big software invest. These are some of the helpful tools which bring a lot benefit for me.

A real good tool to read your RSS feeds. You can scroll through all abstracts and open this one’s which are interesting for you. You see the first abstract and you can open the whole article and you can publish it with two mouse clicks to Twitter, Delicious, Facebook and other, if you like. It’s also possible to mail or save it for later reading with read later, another good app.
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Twitbird Pro
It’s a very good Twitter application. You can work with several accounts. Twitbird shows all relevant information like mentions, direct messages, lists and more. You can define your own searches which show the relevant tweets. There are some other functions like nearby tweets where you can see tweople which are doing Twitter close to your location.
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Managing your todo’s with this app is very easy and it’s helps you to have some control of it. Never the less you need to do your todo’s.
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Read it Later
You don’t have time to read every interesting article directly. So you can use the read later button with the Safary browser or with Reeder. Later you will find all these articles at Read it Later. Nothing gets lost and you can read it when you do have time.
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It’s a nice application to read tweets and other information like a magazine. To thump through the tweets is very convenient, because it looks much nicer than twitter and you see more information than just the status update.
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It’s a nice tool doing some notes. It’s very easy to write and you can cluster it. There is also a function available to record conversations. You can also use it as a dicaphone. The results can be send by mail.
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The iPad is the perfect tool reading PDF documents. You can do it very well with iAnnotate, but you can do more than reading with this app. You can mark text, add labels or copy part of the content. It’s possible to add comments as well. So it’s more a working tool for PDF’s than just a reader.
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Using the iPad with a beamer seems not to work properly, but doing a presentation sitting with some people round a table is perfect. It’s much better than with a notebook.
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With Calendars I do have access to all my entries at the Google calendar. For sure you can add new entries.
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There are more useful apps, like the Wi-Fi Finder for example, but the mentioned are my favorites. The iPad is a valuable tool for me. It was a good decision to buy it, although not everything is perfect. But what is already perfect.

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