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Many people have experienced the benefits of micro blogging through the use of Twitter itself. The mechanism to communicate effectively with limited characters also promises many benefits to corporate users. Further requirements have led to the development of specialized solutions. The N: Sight Research GmbH has now analyzed 17 of these solutions.
The study provides a deep insight into her systems. In addition to comparing the technical features all the elements are described in detail. The study is, besides a valuable tool for system selection, also a compendium about social messaging.

The study is based on the N: Sight-developed functional model.The functional system analysis of this study is based on the heavily reduced concept of HIPO (Hierarchical Input-Processing-Output)-method. This method tries to model an information system as a bundle of hierarchically structured functional units. On the top layer, the solution is seen as an input-processing-output-system.
In addition to the procedural functional units, the system analysis also contains administrative functions which can be analyzed into the following four units:

  • User management
  • Content management
  • Application management
  • Analysis & Controlling

The following scenario illustrates the ideal reference model for the technical architecture of the solution category:

For the analysis, a matrix was developed. The vertical axis of the evaluation was divided into three aspects. Micro Messaging forms the base. The other two aspects are related to micro-sharing, or integration into the processes of enterprises. The horizontal criteria are distinguished according to Out-of-the-box solutions or systems that need to be integrated into a framework.

Based on the system matrix outlined in Chapter 14, the following classification can be established.

The position of the system in the matrix is no rating. The goal is to represent the diversity of solutions. The value of each system for a company is highly dependent on the size of the projects and the individual targets.

You will find more information at the management summary. It’s available on Slideshare

The complete Social Messaging Vendor Study can be booked at: http://www.n-sight.de/en/orderform.html

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