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Somebody has to do the job. This is also valid for the adoption and operation of Enterprise 2.0. You need a responsible person, like on any other project, but which person is the right one. The N:Sight Research GmbH study about the requirements of an Enterprise 2.0 manager answers this question.
At the beginning of Enterprise 2.0 we saw many “trial and error”, but now with now with an Enterprise 2.0 maturity we know how the projects should work. This also applies to the duties and responsibilities of an Enterprise 2.0 manager.

The N:Sight collected the actual knowledge about this role. Some input comes from the presentations and discussions at the Enterprise 2.0 Summit and was supplemented by the research N:Sight did.
Basic idea was to describe the role based on a typical Enterprise 2.0 adoption, but we recognized at a very early stage that the role is not the same over the whole process. At the beginning is more project manager skill need and after a successful adoption are the skills of a community manager needed.

So we decided to split it into two different roles, the first one as project manager and the second as community manager. We described every task for both roles and added the needed soft and hard skills. You can see an overview at this table.

At the adoption phase much more skills to manage the project and cultural change needed. That means to lead the team, discuss with every stakeholder and communicate about the project. Later on you have to do these things probably as well, but not to this extent. It is your task to manage and develop the community and do support.

Generally the human behavior does have great influence on Enterprise 2.0. It makes no difference to what the project status. So both roles need a good understanding how people act.

You will find much more detailed information at the study.

We thank our sponsor Moxie Software Inc for their support.

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