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E20 und Organisationsentwicklung – eine spannende Wechselbeziehung!

Written by Bjoern Negelmann on 24. April 2012

In den letzten Tagen habe ich gerade den dritten Workshop mit unserem E20 Expertenzirkel vorbereitet – diesmal steht eine Diskussion von organisationsentwicklungspolitischen Ansätzen für E20 Projekte in der Reifephase auf dem Programm. Ich habe mich hierzu einmal mit den grundlegenden OE (Organisationsentwicklung)-Theorien beschäftigt. Und ich verstehe nicht, warum die OE-Verantwortlichen und -Experten beim Thema „E20“ […]

Manager Enterprise 2.0

Written by Joachim Lindner on 5. Mai 2011

Somebody has to do the job. This is also valid for the adoption and operation of Enterprise 2.0. You need a responsible person, like on any other project, but which person is the right one. The N:Sight Research GmbH study about the requirements of an Enterprise 2.0 manager answers this question. At the beginning of […]

E20 Adoption team

Written by Joachim Lindner on 4. Januar 2011

Many Enterprise 2.0 projects are implemented by communications or IT department. It was often simply done, because E20 is very close to their field of work and mostly the projects are initiated and driven by one of these departments. A lot of times not even bad, but other departments like HR for example are not […]

Blogging Innovation » When Should Management Push Enterprise 2.0 Adoption?

Written by Bjoern Negelmann on 28. Juni 2010

via business-strategy-innovation.com Very nice framework towards E20 adoption strategies by Hutch Carpenter (found via Tweet of Dion Hinchcliffe) Posted via email from Notes about the E2.0 SUMMIT & E2.0 FORUM

Lagging behind on Enterprise 2.0

Written by Bjoern Negelmann on 7. September 2008

It has been quite a while that I have posted to this blog but actually I am quite busy planning and organizing some new exciting and challenging conferences – I am therefore hardly able to keep up with all the discussions. In the sense of this weblog I also have very much „dezentralized“ my writings […]

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