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Social Media Management wird technisiert!

Written by Bjoern Negelmann on 26. März 2012

Jupp – die ersten drei Monate waren im Hinblick auf die publizierten Ergebnisse von N:Sight eher mau. Wenngleich das nicht heisst, dass wir nicht interessantes Wissen generiert haben. Wie im letzten Post (Nov 2011 sic!) angekündigt – beschäftigen wir uns derzeit ein wenig mit dem Themenfeld der „Social Business Analyse“ wie auch im Weiteren mit […]

Social Messaging Vendor Study

Written by Joachim Lindner on 14. März 2011

Many people have experienced the benefits of micro blogging through the use of Twitter itself. The mechanism to communicate effectively with limited characters also promises many benefits to corporate users. Further requirements have led to the development of specialized solutions. The N: Sight Research GmbH has now analyzed 17 of these solutions. The study provides […]

Not every blog has its day .. or … another pitch for social messaging as a E20 killer app!

Written by Bjoern Negelmann on 5. Oktober 2010

As with Twitter and Facebook, it works with status posts shared by followers and offers instant gratification for little investment. Employees do not feel intimidated by having to author articles. „It’s pretty social,“ Townsend says. „It started small then someone posted a business question and it was answered. Suddenly, we had hundreds of sign-ups.“ Most […]

Twitter Needs to Become More Open or Die – BusinessWeek

Written by Bjoern Negelmann on 18. September 2010

The call for a decentralized Twitter speaks to deeper motives than profit: good engineering and social justice. Done right, a decentralized one-to-many communications mechanism could boast a resilience and efficiency that the current centralized Twitter does not. Decentralization isn’t just a better architecture, it’s an architecture that resists censorship and the corrupting influences of capital […]

Social Messaging Study – first insights

Written by Joachim Lindner on 23. August 2010

Analyzing the results of the N:Sight Research GmbH Social Messaging vendor study is in progress. We are able to provide some insights with this article. Most solutions are available as SaaS (Software as a Service). They follow the trend to use applications on the web to avoid hosting it on a server. It’s a good […]

Factsheet: Social Messaging vendor study

Written by Joachim Lindner on 16. August 2010

The N:Sight Research GmbH Social Messaging vendor study is on track and enters the next phase of the project. We got a lot of input and started to analyze it. The study will be delivered with the following elements: Definition of Social Messaging Summary of the study Functional model The functional model was developed by […]

Social Messaging – A Definition

Written by Joachim Lindner on 9. August 2010

Social messaging enables users to interact and share information. It includes micro blogging and micro sharing, but the most important aspect is to provide and receive information. Users can collect it as in passing. Leisa Reichelt called it ambient intimacy: “Ambient intimacy is about being able to keep in touch with people with a level […]

Ist Social Messaging der E20-Treiber?

Written by Bjoern Negelmann on 28. Juni 2010

Unser Blog- und Research-Partner Joachim Lindner hat im Enterprise2Open-Blog ein paar nette Thesen zum Thema „Social Messaging“ gesammelt. Er stellt dabei einleitend die Frage, ob „Social Messaging“ die „Killer App“ für das Thema „Enterprise 2.0“ ist. Sicherlich habe ich bei dieser Fragestellung keine ganz neutrale Position, weil wir ja mit Joachim gerade eine Studie zu […]

Micro Sharing/Social Messaging Research: Reaching out to vendors!

Written by Joachim Lindner on 7. Juni 2010

We are in the final round to define our factsheet regarding the micro sharing/social messaging research. Now we would like to open up the call to interested vendors to contact us. We will talk to all those vendors – listed on this page. But we might have missed someone – so feel free to contact […]

Social Messaging – First insights to the solution market

Written by Bjoern Negelmann on 31. Mai 2010

For my workshop on „social messaging/micro sharing“ I had a look at some (small list of) solutions in the market … that is the starting point for our upcoming research on „social messaging“: Blogtronix Micro/Sharetronix (http://blogtronix.com/en/solutions/micro/) blueKiwi (http://bluekiwi.com) Cleartext (http://cleartext.com) Communote (http://communote.com) Co-op (http://www.coopapp.com) Cyn.in (http://www.cynapse.com) Edmodo (http://www.edmodo.com) ELGG (http://elgg.org) EMC Centerstage (http://www.emc.com/products/detail/software/centerstage.htm) Enterprise Social […]

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